Bring your creative projects to life..

We work with the dreamers, the rebels, and those who think outside the box. Our products are just as bold as our vision. We supply Brick | Stone | Masonry products meant for living. Whether that's work or play we'll leave that up to you. We're here to provide for those who desire to build a legacy of structures able to stand the test of time. At Liberty Brick, we ARE life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

We specialize in distributing brick, tile, and building materials for the commercial building industry. With over 30 years combined experience, our team offers high quality products without sacrificing service to the end user. We partner with architects, developers, and contractors to design, budget, and supply projects that will be here for 100 years plus.

We offer thousands of brick, stone, tile, and material options to cater your individual project. 

We are locally owned and operated in Chattanooga, TN.

About Us 

Our Why

1. the hard, solid, nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material.
"the houses are built of stone"
2. a piece of stone shaped for a purpose, especially one of commemoration, ceremony, or demarcation.

​Our products are shaping the face of Chattanooga


1. a small rectangular block typically made of fired or sun-dried clay, used in building.
synonyms: block, cinder block, firebrick, adobe, clinker
"bricks and mortar"

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